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stainless steel solar heater

SS serials is Thermosyphon complete stainless steel solar water heater, The glass tubes and storage are connected together ,There is no need of pump to push the fluid and no need of pipeline between the collector and storage. Simply design, economical and practical, small and easy to install.

Solar Tank
Outer Body - high grade 304 L stainless steel:
-Rust Proof
-Offers better Heat Retention
-UV Resistant and durable

SS304 Stainless steel inner container:
SS-304L (low carbon) grade steel with step type micro structure.(0.4-0.5mm)
Automatic Plasma-TIG welding for flawless and corrosion resistant joints
Specially treated for enhanced protection in bad water areas

Maximum Hot zone:Hot zone - tank volume above the tube insertion point C 87%
Delivers 7% more hot water than other evacuated tube solar water heaters.

Electrical Backup:Heating element with 99.9% pure copper
Italian thermostat cum cut-out for reliable operation

Evacuated tube collector
- Evacuated tube C optimised length:1800 mm long evacuated tube for high energy absorption.
- Higher efficiency as per international standards.
- AL-CU-SS on the surface of the tube. Increase more efficiency.

Sun-Max reflector:
- V-shaped reflectors for superior absorption.
- Full length reflector fins C no gaps - for Max reflection.
- Special grade material for reflectivity of upto 90% - optimum reflection back to the tubes.


Advantage of SNUG SOLAR
CharacteristicsSNUG SolarOthersSNUG    advantage
Outer BodySpecial    grade gavanized steelSS304/FRP/ALNon    corrosive, durable and dent proof
Inner    containerSS-304L    (low carbon grade)SS304Durable    and corrosion resistant
Container    weldingWelded by advanced    Automatic Plasma-TIG welding machinesManual    welding machinesUniform    welding, strong and corrosion resistant joint
Special    protection for inner containerPassivation    with special chemicals.Not    availableNon    corrosive, protects from chlorides in the water
ReflectorUnique    V-shaped SUN-MAX reflectorFlat    aluminum or SS reflectorSuperior    absorption ability
Reflectivity85%Not    avaliableOptimum    reflection
Hot zone volume87%80%Maximum    hot water delivery
Glass tubeSS-Al-CU    Three coatingSS-AL two    coatingHigh    absorption efficiency
Electrical    back up99.9% pure    copper tubularNot    specifiedLong life    and high efficiency
Guarantee7 years3 yearDependable
Product ModelTubesCapacityAbsorbingWeightLWH(mm)20FT/40FT/40HQ
SS470-1500/47-1212pcs100L0.60O44KGS1470*940*137067 / 135 / 163
SS470-1500/47-1515pcs130L0.75O52KGS1470*1150*137056 / 111 / 135
SS470-1500/47-1818pcs155L0.90O61KGS1470*1360*137048 / 96 / 116
SS470-1500/47-2020pcs170L1.00O67KGS1470*1500*137044 / 89 / 108
SS470-1500/47-2424pcs205L1.20O88KGS1470*1780*137038 / 77 / 93
SS470-1500/47-3030pcs260L1.50O111KGS1470*2200*137032 / 64 / 78
SS470-1800/58-1212pcs130L0.92O52KGS1770*1050*156054 / 108 / 132
SS470-1800/58-1515pcs165L1.15O62KGS1770*1290*156045 / 89 / 108
SS470-1800/58-1818pcs200L1.37O72KGS1770*1530*156038 / 77 / 93
SS470-1800/58-2020pcs220L1.52O80KGS1770*1690*156035 / 70 / 85
SS470-1800/58-2424pcs265L1.83O95KGS1770*2010*156030 / 60 / 73
SS470-1800/58-3030pcs300L2.29O112KGS1770*2490*156024 / 49 / 59