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commercial Heat pump

The commercial series is designed for restaurant, school, factory etc. large hot water project. It normally equipped with bigger and more powerful compressors, larger heating capacity output to meet big heat consumption. Characters :

- Hot water output temperature up to 55C.
- Eco-friendly refrigerant: R410a
- Auto- defrosting function included (with reverse cycle valve inside)
- COP can be up to 4.29, when A20W15/55C
- Anti-corrosion case: durable coating
1, High efficiency
* Energy efficient - the unit uses the world advanced technology - air injection & increase enthalpy systems, high efficiency heat exchanger technology, technology, air injection and enthalpy increase, higher COP in low temperature

Microcomputer Controller
* Microcomputer controlled power-off memory, automatic fault detection, protection timely, more reliable, use more confidence

Metal Plate
- Metal plate: we select excellent plate whose thinkness is enough (1.55MM) and can resist correction for use Grade 1 galvanized and superior static coating;
- Others usecommon metal plate (0.82MM)

- Exchanger: we use hydrophilically coated heat exchanger prevent debris sticking to it and is with nice color and high efficiency;
- Others use common heat heat exchanger which is not hydrophilically coated is with low heat exchanger efficiency

Electronic expansion valve
- Electronic expansion valve: we use Alco with accurate control of refrigerant flow is more energy-efficient.
- Others use common EEV without accurate control is less energy-efficient

- Non-CFC insulation: we use high density foaming insulation with good heating protection.
- Others use low density foaming insulation which is without good heating protection

Electrical box
Electrical box: designed with water proof and easy to open, With circuit breaker switch inside. It is safe and convenient for maintenance

we select the axial fans, which can bring heavy wind and with less running noise.

Commercial High Temp. Heat Pump Water Heater
ModelCHP-12llgCHP-19    llgCHP-35    llgCHP-50    llgCHP-105    ll
Product useProduce    hot water:30桫85
Heating capacityKW12193550105
Heat exchangerHigh    efficiency vertical tube in shell
Hot water yield(L/h)25740875210752257
Rated hot water temperature()50
Top hot water temperature()55
Power supply380v/3PH50Hz 
Net weight(kg)1001602937521300
Product Dimension(mm)6806808607607609651406765105014506601530mm251010302130
Package size(mm)760760102082082011001480830120014907201630mm266011502280
Noise dB(A)5662646472
Electric shock protection classI
Waterproof gradeIP4
Rated input power(W)2800450086001190025800
Rated input current(A)4.78.514.820.139.2
Maximum input power(W)38007000145001560036400
Maximum input current(A)6.4311.72526.3355.4
COP data4.
Compressor QTY/name brandR221/Copeland1/Copeland2/Copeland2/Copeland6/Copeland
Circulating water flow(O/h)
Water pipe diameterDN25DN25DN32DN40DN65
Working for ambient
Test ConditionAmbient    temp.(DB/WB):20/15,Input/output water temp.=15/55