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flat plate solar water heater

SF serials is Flat panel solar water heater, It include flat panel with pressure or non pressure water tank.,Due to  ,. Simply design, economical and practical, small and easy to install.

Solar Tank
Outer Body - high grade 304 L stainless steel or Galvanized steel:
- Rust Proof
- Offers better Heat Retention
- UV Resistant and durable
Flat panel
1. A thin sheet of Aluminium is coated with a highly selective material that is extremely efficient at absorbing sunlight and converting it into usable heat.  The aluminium sheet is ultrasonically welded to the copper riser pipes.
The absorber plate is encased in 25 mm rigid Polyurethane foam, with an option to additional layer of glass wool, retaining the collector¡¯s heat.
3. Solar Glass Glazing
The single-pane 3.2-mm solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and tempered to maximize strength and durability. The 0.03% low iron oxide content enables a high solar transmittance of 91%.
4. Casings
All anodized aluminum extrusion casings are made of solid construction available in a natural or black color.
5. Tubing Grid
5/8¡± or 8 mm copper risers brazed to 11/8¡± or 7/8¡± copper manifolds with optional flow distribution.
6. Back Plate
The back plate is made of black polypropylene sheet.
7. Aluminum Foil
The aluminum foil acts as a barrier against out-gassing, integrated to the insulation

Advantage of SNUG SOLAR
CharacteristicsSNUG SolarOthersSNUG    advantage
Outer BodySpecial    grade gavanized steel or 304LSS304/FRP/ALNon    corrosive, durable and dent proof
Inner    containerSS-304L    (low carbon grade)SS304Durable    and corrosion resistant
Container    weldingWelded by advanced    Automatic Plasma-TIG welding machinesManual    welding machinesUniform    welding, strong and corrosion resistant joint
Special    protection for inner containerPassivation    with special chemicals.Not    availableNon    corrosive, protects from chlorides in the water
Flat plate    absorptance>0.96About 0.85More    efficiency
Surface    TreatmentGermany Blue titanium coatingElector-static    coatingExcellent    absorptance
Emittance<0.1< td="">About 0.18More sun    energy using
Material of Absorber FinRed CoppercopperBetter thermal    conductance
Sealing GasketEPDMgluewaterExcellent water    resistance
Guarantee7 years3 yearDependable
Product ModelCapacityAbsorbing20FT/40FT/40HQ
SF-100100L1.5©O35 / 70 / 85
SF-150150L2©O32 / 64 / 78
SF-200200L3©O27 / 55 / 67
SF-300300L4©O23 / 46 / 55